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Collaboration Project with Japanese Shoes Maker names 'Takayuki Emori'

Takayuki Emori,  Creative Director of MUZINA Brand. What's MUZINA.

MUZINA is a design team formed in Bangkok in 2005.


Bangkok is the city where crossing and mixing each other among all kinds of travelers . constant current movement of melting pot city.They have shared a lot of their amazing travel experiences with them.


Each trip stories from traveler creates their inspiration of image as a piece of puzzle, a point, and becomes a design flavor for MUZINA to complete their connection in line as one..


MUZINA wish to present design to people as tool to be true themselves.Connecting a point to a point - such becomes a beautiful creation of line.It is a metaphor.... and is a line to make a happy life.


MUZINA  team has created and wished sincerely hoping to become a part of joy in your daily life, dot to dot everywhere like air.



Bangkok with love.


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